The Haircut

Today as I was picking out a book for the girls' naptime story, I noticed Anna throwing something behind the toybox in the playroom. I asked her what it was and she replied, "Just some hair, Mommy." As I began to pull out a second story, Anna said in a very timid voice, "Mommy, there's something I'm very sorry about." As this is a comment that never bodes well, I stopped dead in my tracks. I asked her what had happened and she said again very timidly, "I cut my hair." I walked over and saw two long thin bundles of hair. I let out a little gasp. I looked to my right and there was another little bundle of hair. I gasped a little louder. Anna then pointed to a spot behind the stuffed horse and there to my astonishment was a handful-sized pile of hair. We're talking adult hands here not toddler hands. I called her over to take a look at her head and it appears she just lifted the top layer and sheared a chunk right off. She was very upset and so I told her it would be okay but that we might need to go in and have her hair shaped up. Unbelievably though, the cut she made just looks like she is letting her bangs grow out and so no major trip to the salon was required. Whew! Maybe I should look into beauty parlor dolls to give her something else to work on.


Big Girl Lauren

My husband and I spent a lot of time agonizing over our children’s names. It’s too bad we never had any sons together as we both easily agreed on a boy’s name. Choosing a little girl’s name was an entirely different matter altogether. I must have written down about 40 or so names which I found acceptable. Doug, however, was much more selective and I must admit he probably saved the girls from some questionable monikers that arose from my hormonally-induced fancies. When we chose the name Lauren for our second daughter, my step-mother thought it was a pretty name but better for an adult. S he said, “We can’t call her Baby Lauren.” For some reason, we began to do just that. So much so, in fact, that Lauren is now three and introduces herself to others as “Baby Lauren”. I must admit that I’ve been a bit lax in the potty-training arena until recently. Lauren has been working hard and so we continually commend her powder room endeavors by telling her what a big girl she’s becoming. I guess she’s begun to feel the change as well because yesterday when someone asked her name, for the first time, she said, “I’m big girl Lauren”. Sigh...our babies grow up way too fast.


A little milk to feel you better

There’s never a more horrifying sound for a parent than a “thunk” followed by your child screaming in pain. I’m positive I’ve broken some world track records racing to their side. I pick them up and comfort them certain that they have a concussion or broken bone based on the decibels of their screams. However, I’m always reassured that they will, in fact, live to see another day by one small phrase. With a tear stained face and in a quivering little voice, they always respond, “That really hurt but I think a little milk will feel me better.” I can never decide if I should be irritated by this little manipulation or just overjoyed that they’re not seriously injured. I often decide to go with the latter sentiment and so, off we head to the kitchen in search of a sippy cup and a little milk to “feel them better”.

You might not want to watch this movie...

As I was checking my e-mail, I heard Lauren say in a gravelly voice, “So, you’re a pirate….?” I turned around to see both girls standing “en garde” pointing hangers at each other like two fencers about to duel to the death. We’ve watched “Peter Pan” recently and so someone is usually emulating Peter while the other child portrays Hook. They know my response...it’s always the same. “Please”, I say, “please put down the hangers before someone gets hurt.” So, on this day, Lauren beat me to the punch. Before I could utter the first syllable, she said, “Mommy, you might not want to watch this movie. You could get a might-mare-a”. I had to laugh. “Goodness no”, I said, “I wouldn’t want to have a nightmare”. So, I let them fence for a second or so and then took the hangers away...only to find them at it again a little while later with a wand and a headband. You really never can tell about pirates.

Plaid Pancakes & Other Funnyisms

Recently I’ve started phoning my dad several times a week with the funnyisms of the day. I’m not sure where that word came from or for that matter if it really even is a word. It just seems to describe so well the little jewels that spring from the mouths of my babes. I asked the girls the other day what they would like for breakfast. It’s very rare that they choose the same option and this day was no different. Lauren called for pancakes and Anna immediately put her bid in for waffles. I asked them to talk it over and let me know which one they would both like. They looked at each other for a moment and Anna finally said, “Alright, I guess I will have pancakes.” After a few more pensive minutes, I heard her mutter this little gem, “Waffles are really just plaid pancakes anyway.”

If the girls are going to watch TV, I would prefer they keep the channel turned to Noggin. Any other supposed children’s network bombards them at commercial time with items that they must own or consume to purportedly live a happy life. I’ve spent quite a bit of time attempting to convince Anna that you really don’t turn into a cartoon or meet a leprechaun or tiger just because you eat a certain cereal. Occasionally though, I do enjoy her observations of items that are being sold on TV. I came downstairs the other day and was quickly informed that “Space bags are the perfect storage solution”. According to her, you can put everything in them and they keep out moths and “oysters”. I had to stop and think about that one for a moment. I finally realized that Space bags were promoting their ability to resist moisture, and not the delicate little shellfish we all know and love. A few days later, an infomercial from the same channel caught her eye. We’ve been eating more fruits and vegetables lately and I’ve talked to both girls a lot about healthy foods vs. unhealthy foods. She was so excited because she had found a way for us to grow our own tomatoes, upside-down even, without, as she put it, “all that ground, back-breaking work!”

Falling Stars

I never shower alone anymore. As soon as I turn the water on, I hear little feet running up the stairs. It’s amazing how quickly the girls can get undressed when the prospect of a shower with mommy is looming. Somehow, as if by magic, they can take everything off completely on their own. At any other time they insist they need my help. Both girls hop in with me and I spend the next few minutes shampooing and conditioning three sets of hair. Wherever I move there’s always a small hand and a little cup catching a stream of water as it runs from my elbow, knee or hair. Who knew that an empty shampoo bottle could be so many wondrous things? One day it’s part of the wall that forms a kitty cage. The next it holds a magical water elixir, a healing panacea that can cure an "owie" faster than even a Dora band-aid. Another day it’s transformed into a falling star. After having my feet bombarded by “falling stars” and octopus cups, I’ve often complained to my husband that I never get to shower alone anymore. He just smiles and softly says, “One day you’ll miss those little hands and cups.” I know he’s right. There’s no substitute for wet toddler bellies, big silly smiles, and those wonderful imaginations. I guess I will put up with a star-bruised toe here and there. After all, I just happen to have a shampoo bottle full of healing water around...just in case.


The Winding Road

I’ve become a big fan of blogs lately. There are several that I frequent. Blogs just seem like an ideal way to share daily happenings with friends and family across the country. It’s also a great place to share photos. So, I finally took the plunge and decided to give this blog thing a shot. Why, you may ask, would I call it “The Winding Road”? There are two reasons. To begin with I’m a family history buff at heart and this title pays homage to my maiden name. Secondly, I’ve been thinking a lot lately about the path my life has taken. There have been so many twists and turns, and hills and valleys. There have been stops along the way and other moments have flown by too quickly. Life is, in essence, like a winding road. Since I want this blog to capture tidbits from our daily journeys along this path called life, the name just seemed to fit. I hope that when you do stop by, despite how many actual miles may separate us, this blog will make you feel like you’re driving along with us. Please enjoy the ride.
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