Do you believe? Sacramento Polar Express

Today's activity included a reading of "The Polar Express" and an actual ride on the Sacramento Train Museum's Polar Express! We tried to get tickets last year but the event sold out in October! We planned ahead this time and departed the train station at 3:00 in the afternoon. I made necklaces with a "sleigh bell" for both girls for the journey to the "North Pole". Both girls were so cute as they'd hold their bells up, shake them and say, "I believe in the spirit of Christmas. I believe." The train ride itself lasted about an hour and had music and characters from the book and movie. We got to meet the conductor, the hobo, the chefs, and of course, Santa himself. The story was read over the loudspeaker while we enjoyed a cup of hot chocolate and a cookie. Once Santa came aboard, he gave all the children a silver bell from his sleigh. The girls were so excited to see him and kept telling him how much they loved him and to have a great Christmas. It was a really fun afternoon and well worth the trip.

The waiters with the hot chocolate and cookies.
Hot chocolate quality check.....yep, it's good!
Some of the characters from the story....the hobo playing the herty gerty.
The conductor....Anna was disappointed that he only punched our ticket once and wondered where the words were.
The hobo...again? A different person this time around and trying to get everyone excited about Santa's arrival.
At the "North Pole" waiting for Santa to board.
Santa finally arrived much to the delight of the girls!
Now, let me ask you....do you believe? Can you still hear the bell ring? I can. :)


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