Teapots and Blossoms

Dear Blog,
I'm so sorry to have neglected you in such a shameful manner.  My family is now over the flu and the nasty stomach bug.  Life is almost back to normal.  I promise to be more diligent in updating you.  As a token of good faith, here are some shots from sweet Kate's first birthday party.  I think the world of my dear friend Trish.  She was kind enough to agree to let me host Kate's party yesterday...even though she knows I have a tendency to go a little loco when it comes to planning.  I just can't help myself.  Trish wanted the party to have a tea and blossoms theme in teal and pink.  I love teal and pink.  We had so much fun putting it together and Kate was absolutely adorable!
Don't you love her little dress?
The cake was made by Trish's friend and neighbor Sarah.  She's starting her own cake business and these were the very first flowers she had ever made from gum paste....amazing.  The cake had an almond flavor and was absolutely delicious.

Kate has just started walking but she walks so incredibly well....everywhere...non-stop.  She was cracking me up with this balloon.  I made both of the teapot canvases.  The button teapot was super easy and fun.  I realized while making the other canvas that even though I thought I knew how to decoupage, in fact, I do not.  Of course after seeing Mommy at work, the girls needed their own "campuses" as they called them so they could "make art" as well.  They've already been busy creating masterpieces this morning.
See you again tomorrow.  I have some fun pictures of Jacob to share.


This is true love-you think this happens everyday?

Feeling a bit inspired by "The Princess Bride" today and Love, True Love.  Unfortunately, I'm not feeling much inspired by anything else.  I now have what the rest of the family has and am on my way to bed.  I had several fun pictures planned with the kiddies today.  Maybe I can do a belated V-day post tomorrow.  In the meantime, here's a bouquet I made to use in the picture I wanted to take with Anna.  Amy Atlas posted some pictures of the most beautiful bouquets made of brooches.  It turned out to be more difficult to make than I had anticipated but I was also trying to keep all the brooches unharmed and intact as they belonged to Grandma Ruth.  It's not perfect by any means but I think it's really a fun idea as an heirloom.
Hope you all received your own bouqets, some chocolates, and an extra bit of attention and love on this Valentine's Day! 


Our "Forever" Vacation

We’re home, again. We cut our trip to Yosemite short by a few days because 4 out of the 5 of us have a nasty bug. I seem to be the lone man or in this case wo”man” standing. We had planned to stay until Monday but noone was sleeping well enough to warrant the extra few days. This was our second trip as a family to the National Park. The girls were much more interested in Yosemite this time around….or at least I think they were. Anna kept “oohing” and “aahing” on the way in, saying “Look at those rocks! They’re amazing. I love it here, Mommy! This place should be our “forever” vacation.” Lauren, on the other hand immediately told us she didn’t care for the place because there were “too many rocks and trees”. Although having said that, she was practically in tears this morning when we were leaving “U-sem-a-tee”.

Our visit this time around was quite different from the first. Our timing was only different by about two weeks but two years ago it was a true winter wonderland.  (Pics below from our trip in 2008)

This time the temperatures were in the mid 40’s-50’s and although there was definitely some snow around, it wasn’t nearly as much as before. We did attempt a little sledding but didn’t get a snowman built. The girls were happy though that we did get to enjoy a fire and have the requisite s’mores.

 Everything is just better with s’mores.
Doug and I were excited at the prospect of having our nicer cameras with us this trip but with everyone under the weather, we honestly just didn’t get many pictures taken.

We’ve decided that when making a reservation, in addition to the normal questions:
~Preferred date and time of arrival
~Smoking or non-smoking
the reservationist should add a category: ~What camper type are you?

We’re always the family that gets stuck next door to the “Stay up until 1 in the morning, pacing the floor, talking at the top of our lungs, drinking until all hours” camper type family. I’m pretty sure if questioned our appropriate category would be something like this: “The go to bed obnoxiously early and wake up obnoxiously early family”; subcategories as follows:

~6 year old wakes the entire floor up at 0430 in the morning fighting with 5 year old over who gets to play PBS kids first on the laptop and slams every door in the room

~5 year old talks, makes that yells at her sister in her sleep periodically through the night and wets the bed

~Infant with an eagle scream, cutting teeth, and dealing with the flu wakes up the entire family at least once an hour, occasionally bites

Yep, that’s definitely our category.

One extra funny tidbit from the peanut gallery on this trip: For Anna’s special treat this trip she selected an explorer’s backpack from the Lodge store. It had binoculars, a hatchet, a knife, a shovel, a magnifying glass, and a compass watch. While we were driving around the park yesterday afternoon, Anna kept looking at her compass watch telling us which direction to go. She finally yelled, “Okay, now it says we’re going to Nebraska!” Well, I have to give her credit for knowing her state abbreviations…NE could be Northeast or Nebraska. I guess it’s all in the way you look at it!!

Here are a few of the shots from this trip.  I seemed to be on a tree kick this year!



We're home!

We made it home safely from Wisconsin last night around midnight.  The service for Ruth was beautiful and we had a wonderful visit with family.  I'm busy trying to get caught up with laundry and such around the house today but will try to post some shots from our trip later today.


Back Soon

Going to pay our respects to Grandma.  Be back Monday!


One Year

Today marks one year since Doug retired from the Air Force.  A whole year....a lot has happened in 12 months time.  We moved to a new home, Doug has had two new jobs, Grandma moved in with us, and the kids have sprouted.  We've completely, thoroughly enjoyed having Doug home with us each and every night. It's amazing how quickly you forget what it's like to spend months at a time without a husband or Daddy in the house.  I like this way much better.  I've asked him if he misses it.  I mean, look at how beautiful this is.... 

Honestly though, I think we keep him too busy to even think about it.  Here's to many more years at home with us every evening.

Snow Time

Yesterday we took the kids up to the mountains for a little sledding.  It was the baby's first time in the snow.  He seemed to be okay with the idea as long as he was being held.  Don't even think about trying to put him down though.  Overall, everyone had fun...until we lost Lauren.  She had already discovered a small river next to a snowbank and given me a heart attack in the process.  She rounded out the day by disappearing when we were on our way to the car.  One second she was there and the next she was just...gone.  I retraced our steps expecting to find her right around the corner but she wasn't there.  I began to call for her and asked if anyone had seen her but with no luck.  I went up to the balcony and made a frantic visual search but still no luck.  I looked over to see Doug standing at the corner of the building still without her and I panicked.  I began to cry.  I walked back down to the lift area and noticed that Doug was no longer standing there.  I began to run over (as well as I could in snow boots and carrying a 1-year old).  Thankfully, as I rounded the corner he had her in his arms.  She was bawling and so was I.  Apparently she went to the back side of the first-aid station and got stuck up to her waist in snow.  She couldn't get out but didn't bother to call for help.  Needless to say it scared me to death.  Life comes at you so fast.  I'm just thankful it all worked out.  She was pretty funny when we got her back to the car though.  She told me, "Mommy, tell Daddy that I NEVER want to come to this place again!"  So much for our plans for a family day in the snow!!
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