Conversations with the Peanut Gallery

Some of the latest gems from our little peanuts:

Anna and Lauren were talking about Heaven and Hell.  Lauren asked Anna where to find heaven.  Anna responded, "Heaven is on a cloud in space."

It's tax time and so  everywhere we go we're seeing people dressed like the Statue of Liberty; trying to get us to come in to Liberty Tax to have our taxes done.  One place had a blow-up Statue of Liberty that was waving.  Her hands were otherwise empty.  Anna asked, "Where's her trident??"

Our last family night meal was Papa Murphy's sausage pizza.   The girls both love pizza and were chowing.  Anna stopped for a moment and began to examine a piece of sausage.  Inside the sausage there was a small fennel seed.  Excitedly, Anna said, "Lauren, it's a seed!  Let's plant it and grow some pizza!"

Anna is always making books.  She penned a book about princesses the other day and was having trouble getting it stapled.  Lauren came to the rescue and finished off the book.  Lauren told her, "Isn't it cool that I could do that for you?  If you need help again, just call me like this..."Lauren COOLEST!"

They say that bad things come in threes.  Well, the past few Thursdays have not been so great.  The first Thursday Lauren was sick....everywhere (#1). We had our babysitter Amanda over both times and on the second Thursday she dropped a bowl and it cut her so badly she had to get stitches on the back of her hand (#2).  I decided maybe we should avoid Thursdays and had Amanda over Tuesday instead.  As I was leaving I told her that I wanted her and both kids to sit on the couch and not move until I returned home!! :)  A few days after that Doug missed a step on the stairs  and twisted his ankle....there was #3.

Yesterday, the day started off a bit ominously as well.  Anna left a bag of craisins near the baby and he dumped the entire thing in his lap.  He then toddled over to the spice drawer and dumped an entire jar of whole cloves.  Doug was tossing pancakes to the kids (they love Daddy's flying flapjacks) and one hit Lauren in the eye and left a big red scratch down her cheek.  Who knew pancakes could be dangerous??  Then Jake toddled over to the ledge around the fireplace and fell, scraping his chin and biting his tongue.  Arrggh.  The day actually went well from that point forward and actually ended on a high note.  Doug and I went out for a bite at a Chinese buffet.  When we opened our fortune cookies, mine read, "Your true love is sitting right in front of you."  How awesome is that?

{The picture of Jacob was inspired by a shot I saw on a photographer's blog a while ago.  I cannot find the blog or picture and I would like to give that person credit.  If anyone knows who did it first, please let me know!}
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