This is True Love...Do you think this happens everyday?

Do you ever feel that sometimes your heart is just too big for your chest?  I'm just feeling a bit extra in love with my children and hubby today.  Have you guys ever seen "The Princess Bride"?  I just love that movie.  Speaking of movies, the girls and I went to see "How To Train Your Dragon" in 3D yesterday.  It was a good movie but a little scary at times.  The girls looked so stinkin' cute in their 3D glasses.  I wish I'd taken my camera along. 

The weather has been a bit crazy here lately.  I wanted to take some Easter pictures with the kids but have decided to put things off until Friday when the weather should be better.  I had purchased a couple of bouquets of ranunculuses or ranunculi (which is it?) for the pictures but don't think they'll last until Friday.  I played around with some shots of them yesterday when the sun was out.  I didn't realize until I downloaded them how much the center looked like a heart.  I also didn't realize there were little bugs in them either!!


Vintage Kiddies

I had so much fun with my friend Hiedi of "It's a Zoo Around Here" and her sweet children.  On Sunday we drove around to a few spots in the area to take some pictures of the wee ones to give as an Easter present to the Grandparents.  Jason and Isabella were absolutely adorable!


The best laid plans of mice and "wo"men

Our Vegetable Garden Day #5
I decided that this was the year for a kitchen garden in the back yard. My neighbor has beautiful raised beds and makes it look easy. We enjoyed several of her fresh tomatoes last year. Lowe's had a raised bed "example" in their store with a little sign that said you could get the entire set-up for $61. It seemed like a good deal to me but of course it's not always what it seems. Instead of taking advantage of the "deal", I decided to buy two of the pre-made cedar beds that were $69 each. I spent Friday clearing out the mulch and rocks, and preparing the area. I put the beds up but ran out of time to get the soil. The kids and I went back to Lowe's for soil on Saturday. I was working with a lady who seemed quite knowledgable but little did I know she was steering me wrong. I came home with 18 cu. ft. of an organic soil or so I thought. It was actually a product that was to be mixed with soil. It was also more expensive than the soil recommended in the "everything for $61 advertised deal".  After laying 5 of the 8 bags, I had to run back to Lowe's once my neighbor pointed the error out to me. I came home with another 6 cu. ft. but of actual soil this time. I mixed it all together and am hoping that I haven't messed it up before we've even really gotten started. We went out on Sunday and bought our "vinj-tah-bels" (as Lauren calls them).  The girls really enjoyed planting them and are having fun checking their progress.

 In our raised beds we planted (I attempted to line these up in this post but when the post is published on the blog they go all wonky and don't line up anymore):
 4 types of tomatoes (3 of those heirlooms)                      lemon cucumbers
 zephyr squash                                                                2 types of eggplant (black beauty and ichiban)
 ambrosia melon                                                             2 types of bell peppers (red beauty and bell boy)
 strawberries                                                                   leeks

We also have a little herb garden with basil, dill, oregano, thyme, mint, cilantro, and flat leaf parsley.

I am a total garden rookie.  All of the women in my family have green thumbs.  They touch a plant and it blooms.  I, on the other hand, must have a black thumb.  I touch a plant and in the next day or two it wilts and dies.  I'm very nervous about this little project.  I really wanted to have something fun to share with the girls and I thought it would be a great learning experience for them and for me.  I just don't  have much of a clue what I'm doing. Let me say that again, "I don't know what I'm doing".  I thought I would update you once a week with our successes or failures.

So, here we are at day #5 and everything is still alive and doing well except for my black beauty eggplant which I think our dog sat on.  We've been giving it a little extra TLC and it appears to be recovering.  Must think about fencing the beds off.  They look too enticing as a napping spot.


Remember me?

We're back!  We have a fully functional computer once more.  The only thing we lost that really makes me sad is my 8-mile long list of internet favorites.  I told Doug I'm like Anna with her little ziploc bag full of treasures.  It took me years to find all of those wonderful links and some of them really were treasures.  Oh well, we have a clean slate once more although this clean slate has an external hard drive backed up to a second external hard drive. 

I have a lot to share but not a lot of time.  I'm trying to get a few things accomplished around the house before we go watch Anna's fun run at her school.  Here are a few shots from a photo trip Trish and I took yesterday.  It was a beautiful spot but pretty much a nightmare.  All of our little people were totally uncooperative.  I think we still managed to get a few fun ones.


Alas, poor Gateway, I knew him well.

Apparently, Yorick's line in Hamlet is oft misquoted.  Supposedly it doesn't say "I knew him well" but instead talks of his joviality in life and his grim remains in death.  Well, here in our home we are unfortunately discussing the grim remains of our once trusty Gateway.  Our computer fell ill yesterday and was rushed into ICU with the Geek Squad.  We were told that he had a chance and brought him home although with a complete loss of data.  I'm sad to report, however, that at 6:35 this evening, our beloved friend passed on.  Doug is currently making funeral arrangements and attempting to purchase a replacement.  I'm suffering withdrawals even though I have access to a laptop; it's just not the same.  Our laptop is slower and I feel lost without my sidekick CS3.  Thankfully, Doug did a picture dump onto an external hard drive prior to the demise.

I have so many things to tell you about.  We have a new garden and I have new pictures and I'm working on an Easter project and planning for Anna's birthday party.  The laptop isn't so great for blogging though.  Hopefully, we'll be up and running again in a day or two.


I am the biggest geek ever.

Okay, so I nearly jumped for joy when our 2010 census arrived today.  I know...right?  I am most definitely the biggest geek ever.  I love, love, love genealogy.  It's like a big crossword puzzle that I cannot get enough of.  I haven't had much time for it recently but I'm always thinking about it.  I have hundreds of copies of old census images from our family.  I enjoy watching how the family changes through the years in the records; the birthplaces of course stay the same (mostly) but occupations, ages, and marriage status always fluctuate.  It's exciting.  Like I said,  the biggest geek ever.  So, anyway, I've been looking forward to personally being listed in a census.  I thought it would be fun for future generations to look up our family and wonder if it was a mistake once they read our list of birthplaces: Wisconsin, Alabama, Wisconsin, Oklahoma, Nebraska, Louisiana, California (and no, it is not a mistake, we just move a lot).  I've been waiting and waiting.  Today when it came, I opened it right away and sat down to fill it out.  Imagine my disappointment when all it asked was name, birthDATE, and whether or not we were hispanic and ever moved around.  The lameness of it all just really ruined my day. Really?  That's the best they can do??  Sigh.

These pictures are totally unrelated but brought a little joy back to my cen-crap-sus day.  Hope they bring a little happiness your way as well. :)

On Sunday, my friend Courtney and I went to the antique fair  in Sacramento and I came home with a new toy.  It's still a bit too big for Jacob but I love it regardless.


Happy Friday!

Hope you're all having a happy Friday! No teacher's gifts today as I'm attempting to set up a happy weekend for my hubby which means I need to have a clean house by the time he gets home this evening.  In our home: clean house = happy husband.  I have bottles of windex and pledge calling my name but I just had to throw up one more post before I give in and go scrub something.

My plan for today's gift for Lauren's teachers was a bouquet of flowers wrapped in ribbon and buttons.  It was totally inspired by this super fun, amazing shoot from the brilliant Jessica Claire.  Aren't the buttons cute?  Check out the rest of the pictures here.


Teacher Appreciation Week, Day 4

Today's gift will be a day late and I may not get to a gift for tomorrow.  For day 4, I made these "little" thank you cards.  I've always loved Elizabeth Stones' quote about having children and thought it would be perfect for the card.  I wanted to add silhouettes and started cutting some out by hand....ack!  It wasn't very easy.  By chance, I mentioned it to my neighbor and she had a Cricut!  She ordered the cartridge I wanted and we enjoyed a little girls' time last night while cutting out silhouettes. I have another fun larger silhouette to share in a few days.  It was really cool, so much so that I may need to add a cricut to my wish list for the next birthday or holiday!


A Little Birdie Told Me (Teacher Appreciation Week, Day 3)

Two sweet little birdies stopped by our house for a day or two and then flew off to see Lauren's teachers.

They took with them their own little boxes and nests.
The nests were filled with little button magnets for hanging all sorts of goodies.  We have several we use here at home to hang the girls' drawings on our fridge.
Before our fine-feathered friends departed, they found a comfy perch; one atop her box while the other sat guard near her nest full of buttons. 

Check back soon for the latest shots of our little man.


Teacher Appreciation Week Day 2

Lakeshore Learning is one of my favorite stores.  I thought a Lakeshore gift certificate would be an appropriate gift for Lauren's sweet teachers but I wanted to present it in some way other than just an envelope...thus the bucket of apples.  Lauren and I wrote a little poem to attach to the gift certificate.


Teacher Appreciation Week Day 1

We are so lucky.  Both girls have absolutely wonderful teachers.  We couldn't ask for better.  I must admit that even though I'm so appreciative of everything they do, I don't often give them little gifts or let them know how I feel.  Lauren's school assigns a week to each student to bless their teachers.  This is our week and I'm so excited. 

I've been craving some more of Sarah's cake and so I asked her to make some petit fours for Mrs. Ralston and Mrs. Schmidt (Lauren's wonderful teachers).  Sarah is so cool because not only did she make the amount I requested, she made extra so I could have a few as well.  That's pretty spectacular in my book!

Here are a few pictures of our gifts from Day 1:



Yesterday we went to a local nursery to buy some plants for the beds in our front yard.  We worked with the nicest young lady.  While she was busy drawing out a plan and pulling plants for us, I walked around and took a few photos.  What an amazing place!

I couldn't decide if I liked the individual shots or collage best.  I decided to just add both.  What the hay!

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