Chickens & Bunnies & Eggs, Oh My!

We had our very own little Easter "party" on Saturday with our friends Ryan and Kate.  We invited four other friends as well but they were unable to join us. :(   

I was so inspired by the latest issue of Martha Stewart weddings and the James/Moyle wedding.  No, we're not renewing our vows but I still enjoy wedding magazines.  I loved the wedding parade based on a Tim Walker photo so much that we created our own version.  I used some Martha Stewart templates and actually learned how to use a jigsaw.  I cut the shapes out myself and am proud to say I still have all my fingers intact.  Granted I put the blade in backwards to begin with and cut the chick and rabbit out that way.  When Doug put the blade back in the right way, I found it to be much easier to cut while pushing instead of pulling.  Oops. 

The kids seemed to enjoy them.  They really liked the ribbon wands which were a cinch to make...just 4 strips of ribbon stuck to a dowel with a thumbtack!

I couldn't find a bowtie for Jacob in the right color.  So, I learned how to make my own using a little tie.  It not only made a bowtie but there was enough left over to make a little pocket decoration too.

We had another beautiful cake made by our friend Sarah Sollee. She created the cake for us based on the original made by Erica O'Brien and used here.  The old stereo belonged to Doug's grandfather and still works! 
I fell in love with the girls' dresses.  Unfortunately, they both wanted to wear the same dress (the one Lauren is wearing) and I had to bribe Anna with a chocolate bunny.  Their "necklaces" are actually supposed to look like the collar of the dress but I forgot to attach them and so they turned into necklaces.  I found them at the Sacramento Antique Fair last month and couldn't pass them up.  When I bought them, I didn't have any use for them but they seemed to fit the girls' dresses just right.

I found the table and chairs at the flea market last week and fell in love.  They're not too big and not too small. I'm planning to use them in my craft room as a stand for my sewing machine or as an art table for the kids to draw and paint on.

Anna is my flower child and always has a flower or two hidden in her pocket or stuck in a purse.  She loves going to nurseries as she gathers all of the blooms that have fallen onto the ground.  She manages to collect enough for an actual bouquet.  The other day she came home with a beautiful and free bouquet of snapdragons.

Kate and Jacob were so adorable together.  They just stumbled from one spot to the next, usually with either an egg or flower in hand (or in the mouth!).

Last but not least, I wanted to make masks for all of the children but it took me four hours just to put 3 together.   I wish I had more pictures of the kids in their masks but it was the end of the day and everyone was ready to stop taking pictures and start eating cake (which was very yummy, I might add!)

Hope your Easter was a happy one full of friends, happiness, laughter, and lots of eggs!
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