All I Want For Christmas...

Well, my darling little Anna has had quite a big week.  On Tuesday she learned to ride her bike without training wheels.  She told me, "It only took me two days!!"  "And 6 months!", I said.  Up until this week, she was so afraid for Doug to let go of her and kept yelping anytime he made a move to let her give it a go on her own.  He told both girls they could get new bikes for Christmas if Anna would learn to ride.  I guess she was finally ready and when she climbed on that afternoon, she was determined to make it happen.

He practically had to carry her in at the end of the day because she didn't want to stop riding!  We're so proud of her and she is extremely proud of herself.  She's having a blast!
Anna has always had a pretty little smile.  Once she started losing teeth though, things got a bit wonky.  Her top two teeth have been loose for a few weeks now.  One of them had even started to turn at a very awkward angle but she refused to work on it  because it felt tender and could "cause blood".

So last night, Jacob, Anna, and I were lying in bed and Jacob was bobbing his head back and forth.  He whacked me in the nose and then got Anna in the mouth.  She and I both started crying but then she said, "Oh my gosh, LOOK!"  Her mouth was bleeding profusely and she got a bit hysterical.  I got her to the bathroom where she froze when she saw the blood.  We washed her mouth out with her crying the whole time.  We finally realized it was her tooth that was bleeding and she said, "Gebit be a baber towel und I try to bull it" as she wouldn't close her mouth to talk because of the blood.  I gave her one and she yanked one time and out one top tooth came.  She did a little dance and we all laughed and she started cleaning herself up.  It was then that she said, "Oh mah goshb, it still beeding howwiblee!"  I gave her another piece of paper towel and she pulled out the second top tooth to reveal this, her new lovely smile.

She was so excited and kept laughing.  She immediately went and got her tooth fairy pillow, excited at the prospect of such a huge windfall...two teeth in one night.  Surely, the tooth fairy must offer a bonus for that!!


Be back soon!

Doug and I just returned from a wonderful trip to Maine.  Nana flew in from Alabama to watch the peanut gallery while we were away.  I have a ton of pictures to post but am out of blog storage space.  I have purchased more and am waiting for it to kick in.  Until then, here are a few shots from the Damariscotta Pumpkin Festival held Columbus Day weekend.  There was a pumpkin contest...the winner weighed 1,471 pounds and there was also a pumpkin boat race.  Yes, they actually hollowed out 300-500 pound pumpkins and paddled along inside them or attached a motor to them!  More of those shots to come!



Conversations with the Peanut Gallery

                                                                                                                                                                               In the past few days, Jacob has managed to throw a magazine, countless towels and washcloths, three shirts, a brush, a magic wand, a princess cell phone, a dvd remote, and a shoe into the bathtub while it was full of water.  He's tried to throw the large decorative pillow from our bed, a pair of boots, and several hardback books in as well but has been foiled.  The cell phone and magic wand he soaked started making music the next morning around 0200 and Doug and I  stumbled around in the dark to find them, wrapped them in clothes and stuffed them in various drawers to hide the sound.  I must admit our track record for stopping our busy boy hasn't been very good.  For a little guy, he's very fast and very sneaky. So, yesterday morning I managed to get an early start and by 0700 I had folded and put away two loads of laundry, cleaned all four bathrooms, made a batch of pancakes, and ironed the kids clothes for the day all before Jacob woke up.  In his first 30 minutes of awake time he unlocked the back door twelve times, escaped out the door twice, pushed his high chair over to the island and stood on the tray of the chair with his hands on the island in an attempt to reach for a glass of water, and took his diaper off at least (what seemed) like 25 times.  We were expecting a new mattress yesterday for our guest room and I had just put a fresh diaper on Jacob when the mattress company called to say our new mattress had an ink stain and they were sending it back and we could expect delivery the following week.  As we planned to have family in town the next day, I tried to explain that next week wasn't good enough.  In that 10 seconds of conversation, Jacob pulled off his fresh diaper and I took him by the arm to get it back on him.  Unfortunately, he had pottied and when I spun his naked self around he plopped down onto the ground and left a lovely little poop stain on the carpet. In addition to the Jacob situation, Anna was upset about having to wear a dress to school for the day.  I know, I know....how could Anna ever be upset about having to wear a dress??  Her new PE teacher has been giving her a hard time about wearing sandals and told her if she continued to wear sandals she wouldn't be able to participate in PE anymore.  She'd worn tennis shoes all week long and as it was forecast to be around 100 degress I had a sundress laid out for her.  To make her feel better, I had typed a note to said PE teacher quoting the school's dress code and telling him I felt her sandals were perfectly appropriate and she felt more than comfortable participating in them.  I asked him to contact me if there was any issue.  I dropped the kids off and headed off to run a few errands.  When I returned home, there was a message on the answering machine from Anna's teacher telling me Anna's sandal strap had broken  and she needed another pair of shoes.  So much for my self-righteous letter regarding appropriate school footwear, huh?  On my way home from dropping off a new pair of shoes, I was feeling a bit flustered about how the morning had gone and not looking forward to working on the poop stain on the carpet, or to cleaning off the freshly smeared boogers I had noted on my way out the door waiting for me on the newly cleaned bathroom shower glass.   It was at that moment I glanced in my rearview mirror and saw Jacob making a fish face, clapping his hands, and bopping his head to the beat of the new Enrique Igelsias song, "I like it."  It was so darned adorable that I just burst out laughing.  He fish-faced and jived all the way to the house and it instantly made my day so much better. Life with children can be so amazing; infuriating one moment, heart swelled to bursting with happiness the next.  The little ones can drive me crazy when we're together and I find myself looking forward to an hour or two of alone time.  However, the moment I'm away from them, I seem to do nothing but think about them and wonder what they're doing; until eventually I'm literally aching to see them and hug them.  Crazy and amazing.  Speaking of which, here are a few of the crazy and amazing sayings as of late.  (I've been a bit remiss about writing it all down as I usually do and then I forget what they've said!!  It kills me to have lost it!) Anna dressed up as a bunny in her pink snowsuit and a set of bunny ears.  Lauren was dressed as a bunny also but as more of a Halloween bunny with orange and black stockings and an orange cardigan.  Anna was dismayed because she thought Lauren's bunny costume was much better.  She took off the snowsuit and put on an entirely black cat outfit with a silver and black scarf.  I asked her if she was going for a Halloween look and she replied, "I just felt like being a bit Goth." Lauren upon waking from a nap in the truck on a road trip, "I need to stretch my neck but it's too tired." I've been volunteering in the girls' classrooms lately.  The night before I was supposed to be in Anna's classroom, Anna asked, "Mommy, will you cuddle with me all day in class?" Two of the children in Lauren's class showed up on Monday with casts.  Lauren came home telling us all about the casts, what had happened to the children and that the little boy was the lucky one because he got an un-itchy cast while the little girl with the cast was unlucky because she ended up with one of the itchy casts, probably because it was pink. Doug popped the hood of his car to check the oil and Lauren ran into the house yelling, "Anna, come quick!!  Daddy opened the lid of this car!!" Lauren's teacher recently had her bangs cut and it was the talk of the kindergarten classroom.  The day after she got her new hairstyle, we were in line for morning drop-off when we saw the teacher pull into the parking lot.  Lauren pointed and said to Anna, "That's my teacher.  She has a different hairstyle.  Now she has fangs."  Anna looked at her for a moment and said, "Lauren, vampires have fangs.  Those are bangs."

The girls have always enjoyed checking out all of the scary Halloween items in area stores.  We were at Lowe's looking at the skeletons when Lauren saw some Christmas decorations and a manger scene.  She went running over saying, "Look, Mommy, God stuff."
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