Maine, Day 1

Maine ~ The land of lobstahs, moose, whoopie pies and 10 billion post offices.

Last month, Doug and I took our first adults only vaction in 6 years. We're always talking about possible relocation spots and we had both seen pictures of Maine that made us drool. We decided we should at least check it out and so, Nana flew in to be with the little ones and we headed out. We arrived on a Saturday night and drove up from Boston to New Harbor in the dark. We got settled into the house Doug had rented from his company for the week and went to sleep. We awoke the next morning to this sight...

and staying in this house.

Once we got going and began to explore the area, we immediately fell in love with New Harbor.


We drove around and took a few pictures on our way to breakfast at the Cupboard Cafe where we had the most amazing veggie/egg breakfast sandwich with homemade cinnamon rolls.  The rolls were so good that we ordered a 1/2 dozen and sent them home to Nana and the peanuts.  We then headed out to the Pemaquid Point Lighthouse Station just a few miles down the road in Bristol. 

The lighthouse itself hadn't opened yet for the day.  We decided to leave and come back the next day. We drove out to Fort William Henry where a stone bastion replica built in 1908 stands on the spot of the original fort built in 1692!



 I read in a visitor's guide there was going to be a pumpkin festival in Damariscotta just up the way.  On the drive in the night before we had seen some beautiful pumpkins on display so I was anxious to get back.  On the way to Damariscotta, we passed this little swimming hole.  It was so quiet and still there, a definite change from our normal daily lives.

We drove on in to Damariscotta  and were amazed at the size of the pumpkins! 

I always thought Bishop's Pumpkin Farm had enormous pumpkins.  I was wrong!  The winning pumpkin there that day had set a new state record at 1,471 pounds. 

All of the other carved pumpkins on display were between 300-500 pounds and a fork lift was required to move them around.  I had also read there was going to be a regatta but little did I know it was a "pumpkin boat"  race.  We arrived only in time to see the aftermath of the race...

and one lone motorized pumpkin boat race contestant still at it.
I fell in love with Damariscotta and told Doug we needed to pack up the kids and move there right away.  What a pretty little town.

By this time it was around noon and we were starting to get hungry.  We drove back into New Harbor and to Shaw's for some lobster.



We took the opportunity after lunch to explore a bit more of New Harbor...

and then finished the day at the beach.

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