All You Need Is...

Or is it?  It seems it takes a lot more than just that to get through the week.  It also requires patience...lots of patience, humility and compassion, peace and understanding, hope and prayer and belief,  laughter and encouragement, friendship and support, and the ability to step back and appreciate where you are, who you are, and the blessings in your life.

I've been feeling a bit beat up from this past week.  It just seemed like such a crazy, hectic 7 days.  I started taking two online classes a couple of weeks ago and this week was over the top-4 chapters of reading, 2 discussions with 4 responses each, a writing assignment, an objective writing assignment, a lab quiz, and two tests.  In addition, I received a nasty response from one of the other students regarding a post I made in support of her discussion response.  I guess she didn't realize I was agreeing with what she said and she lashed out.  I learned an old friend from my time in the Air Force is in the last few days of his life. That same day, I received a call from our clinic saying some test results came back abnormal.  All three kids have been sick and just fighting about anything and everything.  Life with kids, as you know, is rewarding all the time, but there are days when it's also hard as hell.  Two of my favorite facebook status posts from friends so far this year have been:

1)Brennan might be shipped off to military school before his 3rd bday as he told Rory, "Stick it up your stinky butt, Daddy".  I need a vacation.
2)School's cancelled again tomorrow (Snow Day 3). Does the liquor store deliver?!

I just have to laugh.  It's good to have friends that are right in the middle of it with you.  So, by Friday, I was just ready to put the week away.  I sat down and started to count my blessings and you know, life really is good.  Even when it seems a bit bumpy, it's still a wonderful ride.  Plus, it's hard to stay blue long when you have the King and Queen of Hearts, and Cupid living with you. 

Happy Valentine's Day!  Hope yours is filled with lots of love, flowers, and chocolates!


curlyqmosaics said...

LOVE your beautiful Valentine photos of your children. So sweet and fresh looking. The "love" made with sticks is so cute! Great idea, TFS!

Trish said...

Beautiful photos and thoughts as always :) I will give ya a call tomorrow! xoxo

~april said...

i'm having a great time looking at you past posts. your photography is awesome! i love that love/ sticks in a frame- i'm totally going to try to remember that!

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