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It's been a busy week.  Doug and I are finally coming down with the cold that the kids had and are feeling a bit under the weather.  It was another crazy 7 days in class, but after 2 discussion posts and replies, 6 supplemental media quizzes, a lab activity quiz,  two tests, and a midterm, I'm only one paper away from being done for the week...just in time to start again next week.  In my spare time, I've been working on a Queen Elizabeth I dress for Anna.  Her class is doing book reports on famous people and she's read 3 books about Queen Elizabeth.  The students are supposed to dress like their character and present their book reports as if they were that person.  I still have a few weeks to get the dress done so I'm keeping my fingers crossed I can get it finished and that it will fit.  I'm still new to the whole sewing thing.  I decided it was probably about time for another CWTPG.  The wee ones are coming up with new stuff all the time.  I need to put aside one notebook just for their "funnyisms" because I tend to write their sayings down wherever I have a piece of paper and then have to search around when it's time for a new post.  Here's the latest.

While watching the Super Bowl:
Lauren:  What's the Super Bowl?
Anna:  I don't know but if you win you get to go to the World Series.
Lauren:  C'mon Pack, go!  I want you to go to the Super Bowl.
Mommy:  Jacob, say "Go, Pack Go!"
Jacob: Balls.
Mommy:  Jacob, say "Go, Pack Go!"
Jacob:  Doe, Dat, Doe!
Tyler to Doug:  Did you hear that one of the guys in the group that has never missed a Super Bowl is in the hospital and can't go?
Anna:  What happened?  Did he get hit in the head with a football?

Eating dinner and playing the 20 questions game:
Anna:  Okay, it's a person.
Me:  Is it a girl?
Anna:  Yes.
Lauren:  Is it a boy?
Moment of silence.
Anna:  No, it's a girl.  Here are some more hints.  She is Jewish and she's from Amsterdam.
Me:  Is it Anne Frank?
Anna:  No.  She's also Indian.
Me:  Huh?
Anna:  And she helped Lewis and his buddy find their way across the United States.
Me:  Do you mean Sacagawea?
Anna:  Yes!!!  You got it.

Trying to get Jacob to the table for lunch:
Me:  Jacob, it's time to eat.  Do you want to eat?
Jacob:  Outside to bounce.  (He loves the trampoline.)
Me:  No, honey, we need to eat first.
Jacob:  Shush!  Outside to bounce.
Me:  Do you want spinach pizza or grilled chicken?
Jacob:  Bock.  Bock.

I showed the girls a picture my stepmom had sent of my dad with a deer he killed during hunting season.  This is the conversation that ensued:
Anna: Awww, is that PawPaw?
Me: Yes.
Anna: Awww, is that a baby deer?
Me: No, it's an adult. Look at how big his antlers are.  It's an 8-point.
Lauren: Let me see! Man! PawPaw killed that deer...with a gun.
Anna: Yeah, that's an elephant gun.
Lauren: No, it's a BB gun, right?
Anna: No, BB guns are smaller.

Me to Jacob:  Say Granny.
Jacob:  Granny.
Me:  Say PawPaw.
Jacob:  PawPaw.
Me:  Say Nana.
Jacob:  Nana.
Me:  Say Poppy.
Jacob:  Woof.  Woof.

Overheard from the family room:
Lauren:  Help!!  He's eating my project!!!!
I walked in to find Lauren in tears and Jacob eating the marshmallows and pretzels off of her snowman picture she'd made in her kindergarten class.

Tyler came out in January to spend 3 months with us.  The night before his arrival, the girls were busy making welcome signs and presents for him.  He came in around lunchtime the next day.  When Anna got home from school and got to see him for the first time, she gave him a huge hug and said, "Tyler, I have a present for you."  I assumed she meant one of the pictures she had been working on.  Instead, she took Tyler by the hand and led him over to her backpack where she had 8 french fries wrapped up in a greasy napkin .  She said, "Tyler,  I saved my french fries from lunch for you.  C'mon, let's heat them up, so you can eat them."

Looking at baby pictures of Lauren:
Anna:  Look at how cute Lauren was.  Now she's all grown up and has stinky feet.

After the girls' Starstruck Showcase perfomance at school:
Anna:  Lauren, I saw your dance and I was clapping for you very rapidly!

Anna's song at the dinner table inspired by her readings about Queen Elizabeth:
Anna:  I'm a princess.  Tyler's a prince and Jacob's a prince.  Alaina is a princess and Lauren is a princess.
Lauren.  Eww.  I want to be a prince.
Anna:  Daddy is the King and Mommy is the Queen.  Tyler and Jacob are princes.  I am a princess and so is Alaina.  Lauren is a slave.  La, la, la, la.

Overheard from the family room:
Lauren:  Anna, have you seen those pajama jeans they've been talking about on TV?  I'm going to get Mommy a pair of those for Christmas next year!!


María Corcuera said...

Queen Elisabeth... Easy choice... Good luck Sandy. I love that tree and the picture of course.

Judy said...

My sweet sweet Anna, I am so proud of you. Sandy you did a awesome job of these photos. Granddaughter like grandmother and daughter like Mom. We love ya'll Mom and Poppy

María Corcuera said...

Dear Sandy, I have made an english version for my blog of creative activities for busy parents. I hope you enjoy it.

Elaine said...

This tree looks like one you would see in the south. You have a good eye for finding the perfect place for a photo shoot. These pictures are great. Our Anna looks so studious reading her Queen Elisabeth book. I can't wait to see her dress.

Love, Elaine and Daddy

Elaine said...

Did you notice that I spelled Queen Elizabeth with an "S". That's because Anna Elisabeth Kleist is Granny & PawPaw's Queen.

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