Galileo and Gumballs

These are the two designs I came up with for the kids' t-shirts but didn't get to use.  If anyone is interested, you're welcome to take them and use them.  Please link back to me if you do!  I found a few great tutorials to learn how to make these in photoshop.  Here are the links:
Creating a custom shape and  Fitting text to your shape 
I had always wanted to learn how to make round text.  Turns out it was much easier than I thought.  Here's another great tutorial.  The words surrounding the earth are from Jane Yolen's Earth Day poem.


curlyqmosaics said...

Thanks so much for the link tutorials. These are 2 techniques I would like to master!

Andrea said...

Hi! I found your site looking for ideas for a Circus-theme for my daughter. Now I've gotten way off topic, losing myself in the posts about all your parties... they are fabulous. You are so talented and the photography is beautiful! I love these t-shirt designs. I have a quick question -- do you use transfer paper? Have you used it before and is the quality lasting? Thinking of doing this for my son's party in the spring. Thanks for sharing your creativity!

Sandy said...

Hi Andrea,
Thank you so much! I tried iron-on transfer paper for the designs and was not happy with the results. My mom owned a screenprinting press until recently and had planned to screenprint the shirts for me. She was unable to get it done and so I started looking at other options. I found some sew on transfer paper by Printed Treasures and used that to make the Einstein shirts. I also made a pillow with it and really like it. It's expensive (around $42) but I waited until JoAnn's had one of their 50% off sales. I'm also thinking freezer paper stenciling might be a good option. Dana of "Made" has a great tutorial I want to try. Let me know if you find a good option!

Andrea said...

Thanks so much for the tips! I haven't done anything like this before, so any info is helpful. I'll definitely let you know if I find something good.

Thanks again,

Maria said...

Hi Sandra. I have used your idea for David´s birthday.
Thank you very much.

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