Conversations with Jacob and the Peanut Gallery


Jacob has a  lot more to say these days.  He's a real riot.  Please enjoy our latest installment of funnies from the peanuts:

At dinner, he stood up, made a fist and said, "I'm ready to rock and roll!"

When you ask Jacob if he had fun, he replies, "It was WHEE fun!"

Doug has taken Jacob to the arcade at Sunsplash a few times now.  Jacob loves the small, coin-operated train there.  He's started saving any loose change he finds laying around the house.  He picks up the coin (regardless of what it is, he calls it a penny), sticks it in his pocket and says, "I have penny, go castle."  The last time Doug took him, Jacob came home and said, "My Daddy took me ca-sil.  He's the best Daddy ever.  I love him!"  He loves Doug's car and if he ever goes missing you can find him locked in the car in the garage.  Doug will take him for a ride around the block and when they get back Jacob says, "It was awesome!"

In our front yard, we have a tree which has turned a beautiful shade of red.  It has also started losing a lot of its leaves.  Jacob took a look at it and said, 'The tree is bleeding."  Pointing at the leaves on the ground, he said, "Look, the tree dropped its apples!"

The kids have been watching a cartoon on Netflix called "Howl's Moving Castle".  The other day our internet connection went down while they were watching and the film paused.  Jacob looked at me and said, "Oh Man!  Castle not moving."

Jacob took down the child gate at the top of the stairs and put it across the entrance to his room.  He started crawling around, mooing, and said, "Look, Mommy.  I on a farm!  Moo!

Jacob is still into everything.  I can tell he's about to get into trouble when I hear him pushing a chair across the kitchen floor.  If I'm upstairs, I'll call down, "Jacob!!  What are you doing??"  He always responds, "Shh, Mommy!!  Be quiet!"

When he's excited he runs around saying, "Oh yeah!  Boo-ya!"

Trying to brush my teeth in the morning, I see the kids go running by the bathroom door and hear Lauren yell, "Mommy!!! Jacob is trying to put his butt on me....and he's naked!"

When picking up the sisters from school, Jacob says, "Mommy, I want to sit in front so I can say "Land-ho!" when I see sisters."

Jacob has a Charlie Brown shirt he calls his "Super Hero Rescue" shirt.  He puts it on and yells, "Super Hero to the rescue!  Let's fly!"

Prepping the turkey for Thanksgiving, Doug was showing its wings to the kids and clucking, "Baaa-rack, Baaa-rack, Baaa-rack Obama!" He also commented, "Doesn't it look like a dinosaur?" Afterwards Jacob would say, "Gobble, gobble, gobble. It's a dinosaur. Is it Halloween?" Then he would run away flapping his wings saying, "Bock, bock, bock!"

Neither Doug nor I made it to the kids' Veteran's Day assembly at school.  They still had mine and Doug's pictures in the slideshow, however, and the kids got to stand up.  Anna said, "I stood up for you and Daddy."  Lauren said, "I stood up for Daddy."  I asked her if she'd stood up for me too and she replied, "No, my eyes got blurry."

Doug returned my phone call and Lauren answered.  She said to him, "Hi, Daddy!  Mommy tried to call you later."

After a trip to the children's museum Anna said she was so hungry she could see her ribs.

Lauren was wearing a gray poncho and Anna asked, "Do ponchos come from Mexico?"  I said, "Well, this one comes from Target."  Lauren spoke up and said, "Ponchos are from China.  Everything is made in China."


Elaine said...

Too Cute...

Love, Granny

Nana and Poppy said...

God loves my little buddy. He is his Uncle Wes all over again. The only thing Wes did not climb like our little Jake. Poppy and Nana loves you.

MarĂ­a Corcuera said...

He is already a big boy!!! How fast they grow up.

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