Earth and Stars

~If I could reach up and hold a star for every time you've made me smile,
the entire evening sky would be in the palm of my hand.~

Busy planning Lauren and Jacob's birthday parties.  I think I need woodshop classes.

These are the pictures that will go out on the invitations.  Jacob's picture was inspired by the amazing Lisa Rostoen of Fotografix Studios.  Her work is beautiful and inspiring.  Well, I'm off to do some glo-in-the-dark stenciling.  Yippeee!



My sweet Anna...she has such a gentle soul. She is my reader, my dancer, my singer, my artist, my thinker, and my planner. I think sometimes she feels left out because Lauren and Jacob require (demand loudly) so much attention. She may feel that way but she has her Mommy's heart. I'm so proud of her every day.


Attitude Adjustment

Hope you all had a Happy New Year's Day and are looking forward to 2011!  If not, I may need to send my boy over to have a talk with you. 

Our day was very slow, quiet, and rainy.  It was just right as we seem to have spent the past week going full speed.  Between birthday parties, playdates, a books and bagel day, and a trip to San Francisco, there hasn't been much time for lounging around.  On Friday we took advantage of the fact that Doug was off and headed to the Academy of Sciences in Golden Gate Park.  The girls were very impressed with the massive T-Rex skeleton and the beautiful sea life at the entrance.

We headed into the Rainforests of the World exhibit first thing.  It was really amazing, butterflies, fish, snakes, geckos, the most incredible chameleon I've ever seen, and beautiful flowers.  Unfortunately, my camera fogged up as soon as we entered and stayed that way the entire time we were in the rainforests.
When leaving the dome, you walk straight into the underwater aquarium.  I loved their underwater aquarium.  The kids were mesmerized.

Jacob, however, was even more fascinated by the tuh-tel and the bug "bait and trap" we came across at the end of the visit.

After lunch at the cafe in the museum, we stopped by Alamo Square and let the kids play at the playground in the square's park.  You may recognize the square from the beginning shots of "Full House" many years ago.

We ended the day at Fort Point at the base of the Golden Gate Bridge.  Fort Point is such a special place.  I could spend the entire day there taking pictures.

The girls were such good little models for me.

 I'm so proud of our beautiful girls.  My heart just skips a beat whenever I see their sweet smiles.

However, this one....

I spent most of the time looking at the back of his head as he ran away from me.  I took almost 500 pictures and I do believe 482 were me trying to get a non-blurry, face shot of my busy son.
It was hard work but I managed to get a few.  My goal was to get a shot of all three together to go on the cover of our 2010 family album.  It didn't happen.

 This and the pouty lips are my two favorites of Mr. Man.

Have a Happy Weekend!



I asked the girls this morning what they were most looking forward to in 2011.  Lauren responded, "Sandwiches, eating lots of sandwiches."  Anna said she was hoping to find someone in school who she liked and who liked her back.  I said, "You mean a boyfriend?"  She giggled, "Yes, a boyfriend."  May you all find what you're looking for in the New Year as well!
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