Royal Obsession

I must say that I just couldn't get enough of the Royal Wedding week.  Yes, I did get up early to watch the ceremony.  Yes, I did make wedding crafts.  Yes, I did record about 16 hours worth of coverage.  Yes, I did get the girls to watch with me.  I loved the dress and the uniform and the Abbey and the carriage ride and the hats...oh, how I loved the hats.  After the kiss on the balcony at Buckingham Palace, I asked Anna and Lauren what they thought about the pageantry of it all.  Anna was practically in tears because she wanted to be the one marrying a Prince.  Lauren, however, said she just wanted Prince William's uniform.  That's our Lauren!  They say that every little girl wants to marry a Prince.  That is most definitely the case for Anna.  I think Lauren would rather just be the Prince.  HaHa!

To be honest,  I think part of the excitement for me was that it just brought back so many memories.  Doug and I began our relationship while living in England.  I lived there from 1994-1999 and Doug was there from 1997-1999.  We even spent our first few months as a married couple living right outside of Cambridge in a small village called Cherry Hinton.  It was such a magical time and England will always hold a special place in my heart.  Thus the obsession.  I just couldn't let the day go by without acknowledging it in some fashion. 

I had wanted to do a "girlier" take on the Union Jack but Lauren wouldn't have it.  We ended up with a little frill but in her opinion any frill is too much.


I did convince her to let me take a few shots with our version of the wedding hat.  I had to agree to let her bring 5 ladybugs home with us.  We now have a ladybug nursery in the house.

 I used Dana's freezer paper stencil tutorial to make the "Royal Lion" t-shirt.

While we were taking pictures, Lauren was up to her knees in ladybugs.  I kept trying to get her attention back to me and for some reason kept calling her by all of her siblings' names.  I just couldn't get it right.  Just imagine if your children had as many titles as the Prince.  You couldn't even get through one child's set of names in an attempt to reach the right one.  I mean, can you imagine??  It would go something like this.  You hear fighting downstairs in the playroom...
Harry:  Wills is hitting me.
Parent:  Do not hit your brother.  I said, "Do not hit your brother.  William Arthur Philip Louis Cambridge Strathearn Carrickfergus Mountbatten-Windsor, do not make me come down there".

Seriously though, it was such a fun day.  I saw a wonderful quote on facebook that I thought summed things up nicely.  "For one day I saw magic.  Every other day of my life I watch one disaster after another.  Today I watched a fairytale".  I agree!  Congratulations to the Newlyweds!  Wishing all of us more fairytales and less heartbreak!



Been away on a much needed vacation...

Back home now...

And needing a vacation to recover from our vacation...


The Queen

Recently, Anna's second grade class had to do a book report on a famous person. The children were given a list of characters to choose from and Anna picked Queen Elizabeth I. I must say that I am super impressed with the fact that her class often requires the students to orally present poems and book reports.  What great public speaking practice at an age where they don't yet know to be shy in front of a group.  I'll be forty this year and I shake like a leaf if I have to get up and speak.  Anyway, we planned to order the Elizabeth I costume from Chasing Fireflies but they no longer had the costume in stock, only the wig.  We sent off for the wig and then I attempted to make the dress myself.

I used upholstery fabric which I knew wasn't the most brilliant idea but I thought I could pull it off.  I ended up having to go to a friend that owns an alteration shop and ask for help when attaching the skirt to the bodice as my sewing machine just couldn't cut it.  To embellish, we recycled some old costume jewelry and clipped one strand to remove the pearls to use on the bodice.  The day of the presentation, the lace stood up more like an Elizabethan ruff but unfortunately seemed to lose its luster once I put in a bag to transport it.


When I finished the dress, it really needed a hoopskirt to make it look the part.  I was out of time and so the day before her presentation, I googled "hoop skirt tutorial" and came across the best site called Funky Horror.  She called her tutorial "How to make a cheap, fast hoopskirt (that doesn't suck). It was just what I needed.  The skirt turned out to be so easy.  It was just a strip of muslin with wide ribbon sewn across it to make casings that held soaker hose (like you use in your garden).  Easy and affordable!

I wonder if the real Elizabeth had this many freckles.

I was so proud of our little girl on the day of the presentation.  She walked up there like it was just another day and gave her speech as if she were the real Queen Elizabeth.  It was incredibly sweet.  I have it on video but am apparently too technologically inept to get it from my video camera onto the computer.  Hopefully, I can get it figured out in the next few days to share with you. 



Sew Sweet

After a fantastic marathon day in San Francisco yesterday with some wonderful friends, it was nice to spend a lazy afternoon with my girls. They cut out doll clothes patterns for the first time and pinned them onto some stash fabric I had lying around.   While they were busy cutting, I spent some time trying to recreate a cute dress I had seen at one of our stops in the city yesterday.  The girls now wear the same size so it's a 2 for 1 deal with clothing.  They can mix and match everything except for shoes! When I came home last night at about 9pm, the outdoor lights were on, there was a chair by the front door and a full glass of water sitting on the kitchen cabinet. The little ones were in bed and Doug was up watching TV. We shared some macarons I had picked up at Citizen Cake while in San Fran and then went to bed. When I got up this morning Doug told me the girls had stood by the front door waiting for me for a long time. Anna turned the lights on for me and had a glass of water waiting. I didn't make it home before bed time and so they went on to sleep. Anna told me later that Lauren missed me so much she opened the window and yelled, "Mommy!!!!"  It all just melted my heart. It's so nice to have some adult time every once in a while but it's also nice to come home to where your heart awaits. 

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