Do you want to be my friend? Check yes or no.


Wherever we go, Anna and Lauren seem to make new friends so easily.  Heck, they even made a friend in the restroom at a restaurant the other day.  At the park they just walk up to the nearest kid and ask, "Do you want to be my friend?"  Then they all happily run off to play.  Wouldn't it be so nice to make friends as easily when we're adults?  We all need companionship and friends play such an important role in our lives.  Would that we could just let go of all of the insecurities, worries, and baggage and just offer a smile and a hand without worrying about whether or not we'll be accepted.  Being retired military, we've experienced the continual loss of good friends as we all seem to be on the move somewhere new every 2-3 years.  It wasn't until we had kids and lived on base that we actually began to make new adult friends.  There were years we spent living in neighborhoods without knowing anyone at all.  Although children open an easy door for conversations with moms we might not know, but would like to, it's still hard to find someone that you share interests with, and feel comfortable enough to be yourself.  I'm thankful that I'm at a time in my life where I have good friends, here and out of state.  I love the Bernard Meltzer quote, "A true friend is someone who thinks that you are a good egg even though he knows that you are slightly cracked."    Goodness knows, I am a bit off! Speaking of being just "slightly cracked", here are a few of the latest crack-ups from our very own peanut gallery.

Anna caught an infomercial on TV and called into the kitchen, "Mommy, do you need stretch mark lotion?  Because the phone lines are open right now.  I was just wondering."

We drove by the new Bikram Yoga studio that's just opened in our area and Lauren said, "Mommy, that's the place I was telling you about.  If you want to be like this (she sucked in her stomach and poked her chest out), you need to go there."  Anna piped in and said, "Yeah, Mommy, if you want to be really stretchy go to Bike-Ram Yoga!"  After a good laugh and a good groupon deal, I took their advice and went to a yoga class.  I still have 9 classes to go but have decided that hot yoga is almost like childbirth.  With your first child (and your first class), you're excited and giddy and not really sure just what to expect.  When your second child (or second class as the case may be) comes along, you're not sure if you want to go through it again, at least not without a few drugs because well, you're scared and you know it's going to hurt.

We'll be visiting with the grandparents soon and the girls have been on the phone A LOT planning out all of their activities.  After one lengthy call between Lauren and my dad, my dad called me and was telling me about their conversation.  Lauren is planning on catching birds, hunting deer, and wrestling alligators.  My dad mentioned that at one point in the discussion Lauren said, "Mommy is mean sometimes."  My dad asked her what she did to make me that way and she responded, "Let's not talk about that."

We took a day trip to Empire Mines in Grass Valley a few weeks okay and Doug and the kids had the following conversation on the drive there.
Lauren:  When I grow up, I'm going to buy a motorcycle.
Anna:  Yeah, maybe I'll buy a motorcycle too....or a hot car.
Doug:  What kind of car, Anna?
Anna:  Ummm....a pink Chevy with a TV in it like Ryan and Mrs. Trish.
Me:  Mrs. Trish has a mini-van.
Anna:  Oh yeah.  Maybe a hot pink car with a TV in it or one that serves me burritos or McDonalds.

Jacob's vocabulary is growing by leaps and bounds.  He's a little parrot and repeats everything you say.  When I ask him his name, he responds, "J-tob Tiest".  When I ask him my name, he says, "Mommy Tiest".  When I ask his age, he says hes "Two!"  When I ask him how old Mommy is, he replies, "Mommy ooooold."

He tries to help out around the house and he'll get forks out of the drawer at meal time and place them on the table.  Unfortunately, however, at the end of the meal he takes the same forks (now used) and puts them back in the drawer.  He loves to help me unload the washing machine and put the clean laundry into the dryer.  He also likes taking the laundry from the dryer and placing it into the basket.  Walk away for even a second though and he'll have that clean laundry placed back in the wash and be trying to climb the machine to turn it on.

Doug spent a morning putting sticks in all of the windows so Jacob can't open them and climb out.  Even though he's figured out how to get by all of the other child safety latches we've put into place, my one consolation was that at least if he got out of the house, he couldn't get out of the backyard.  Yesterday I found him outside, climbing the gate, and removing the padlock (it was unlocked anyway).  He threw the lock on the ground and then started working on the gate handle.  If this keeps up, I really am going to be oooooold and gray by the time he turns 18.

Hawaiian Funnies:
At the Hilton Waikoloa there was a young man who ran along the shoreline each night, blowing a conch shell and lighting torches.  The first night we saw him, the kids were very impressed.  After he lit all of his torches and was making his way back, Anna yelled over to him, "Nice conch shell!"  I started to laugh, she asked why, I stifled the laugh and said I was just so happy to be there enjoying the lovely evening with my family.

The lighting of the torches affected Jacob in other ways, however. He spent all of his time trying to blow the torches out. He huffed...  (I know these aren't the clearest pics but I still love them anyway!)

And he puffed....

But he couldn't blow the torch out, much to his dismay.
We stopped at the Waikoloa market to get some gas and Anna saw the following sign.  Lauren asked her to read it out loud.  Anna read the sign quite accurately until she got to the end.  At the end, she read, "Violators will be subject to criminal execution!"  Worriedly, she turned to me and asked, "Mommy, they kill you??"  I calmed her down and explained the word prosecution.  Lauren asked Anna what it all meant and Anna said, "They don't kill you, Lauren, they just "persecute" you."

Oh, how I love our babies. I'll be in and out over the next few weeks as we're getting caught up on spoiling of the grandchildren by the grandparents, but will be back in July.  Happy summer!
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