Big Weekend

Well, it was a big weekend around our house.  Lauren had her very first soccer game on Saturday.  She played so hard and gave it her all.

And on Sunday, Anna auditioned for the Sacramento Ballet's Nutcracker and was cast as a teeny, tiny mouse.  We also received an e-mail saying she had a callback for  "Oz, The Musical".

We're so proud of our girls and are looking forward to a busy fall!


Okay, Granny, okay. I get it.

Lauren lost her first tooth this summer.  I am a horrible, no good, very bad mother as I failed to post a picture of this momentous occasion on the blog.  My moms have asked via e-mail and by phone (many times) to see pictures but I never seemed to get it done.  Last week, Lauren received $10 and the following letter in the mail:

The Tooth Fairy left this at PawPaw & Granny's house for you.  I have not seen a picture of you with a missing tooth BUT the Tooth Fairy assured me that you had lost one. We love you so much and are so very proud of you.
PawPaw & Granny

Okay, Granny.  Message received. :)  Here's your picture.  Thank you to all of the grandparents for wanting so much to be a part of the kids' everyday lives even though we're thousands of miles apart.  We're very lucky and blessed.  We love you.

Next time I lose a tooth, I'm headed to Granny and PawPaw's house.  Their tooth fairy seems to pay much better than ours! LOL!  While we're updating, here's some pictures from the girls' summer camps.  Here's Anna at the Roseville Theatre Arts Academy Broadway Bound performance at the end of her two week camp.

 Here's a shot of Lauren in her Bones, Stones, Plants and Shells camp at the Maidu Interpretive Center.
 While the girls were busy singing and dancing, and tracking animals and throwing spears, Jacob was up to this:
Anytime he went missing, I just needed to head to the nearest bathroom to find him.  Lovely.
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