Come. Sit. Stay.

You've heard the expression "better late than never", well it's become my new motto.  We finally had Jacob and Lauren's puppy birthday party this past Saturday.  I didn't think we would ever pull it off.  We've been working on putting it together bit by bit since Jake's birthday in December.    


Our dear friend Gretchen was kind enough to let us borrow her boy "Kodiak" to be our model for invitations and wall decor.  It's amazing what intensity a treat held over your head can generate!  Front of invitation:

Back of invitation:

 We painted up a little doggy art to hang on the front door with polka-dot bows

 I thought it would be cute to have cut-outs for the kids, 7 for Lauren and 3 for Jake. I was in a rush to get invitations ordered and thought I would be using a photo of them with the cut-outs.  We arrived to take this picture approximately 9 minutes before they closed.  You've never seen a mom drag children and wooden dogs out of a suburban faster.  It was chaos but we got at least one shot...although I did have to cut and paste a head in photoshop.  :)

 I always think gumballs seem festive and always forget that my children treat them like crack.  They are addicted and can't get enough.  Jacob seems to think he should be able to fit at least 4 in his mouth at any given time.

 The wall in the living room with handsome Kodiak...

 I made a bone pillow for a "Pass the Bone" game (kind of like hot potato to music) but we never got around to it.  The kids mostly entertained themselves the whole time.

Do you ever have an idea at 4 in the morning which seems brilliant in theory but not so much in the light of day?  I thought it would be fun to have an idiom gallery for the adults, you know "In the Dog House, Sick as a Dog".  I came up with this "idiom" runner with five panels.  We had "dog and pony show", "hair of the dog", my dogs are barking", it's raining cats and dogs, and "the dog ate my homework".  Ignore the wrinkles, please.

I had to find a use for the doggies after the picture and my friend Courtney suggested putting them on the ledge opposite the staircase.  Splendid idea, I thought, especially considering we glued the shims on the backs of the dogs three different times and I don't think I could have handled a fourth.  The first time was when I made them originally.  The second time was when they were riding around in the back of the suburban because I couldn't think of a safe place in the house for them and a soccer ball was tossed on top of them.  The last time was after we set them up waiting to stick the balloons on and a tiny 3-year old (although he denies it) must have gone bowling with the cut-outs as pins.

Okay, can you see any shapes in the fruit?  It's alright, no one else could either.  I've made a visual aid for you below!  Haha!



I came across the framed pictures below on pinterest.  I flipped for these dogs but could not find an original link for them.  I searched again today and found the photographer, Carli Davidson.  She has an AMAZING shake series that you can purchase.  These would be so perfect for a puppy room.

 Beautiful Maycee

I wanted to fill balloon dogs with helium and have them floating around the house but they don't seem to take to helium very well.  They do float, albeit upside down.  The kids were so much smarter than me and started tying the dogs to the round, helium-filled balloons, and voila!  floating balloon dogs.

The wall in the playroom with our neighbor Sally gracing the wall.  I really wanted to make several backdrops and Doug found 4x8 underlayments panels for about $10 at Home Depot.  We'll have a few holes to patch once we take them down but I loved the "pop" of the stripes and chevrons.

Doug was so amazing this party and helped me out so much even though he's crazy busy at the moment.  When we were purchasing wood for my various crazy ideas, he kept saying, "You're going to make all of this, right?  Right?"  Fortunately, he knows me well enough to know that I am the wo-"man" with the plan and I need someone else who is much "handier" than me to see it to fruition.  He built the cute little bench using a plan from Ana White which can be found here.    I LOVED the shadow box dachshund!  I saw something similar at Anthropologie and was determined to make it.  I initially planned to put the three boxes under the three square windows in the playroom with a push light underneath but didn't trust our little man enough to leave them at a height where he could get to them.  We decided to hang them over the windows and it turned out perfectly!

 Art table for button dogs and dog silhouettes:






 Our Peanuts...

 I think Amanda likes to craft as much as I do.

 Anna and Collin

The cake....now that's a story of its own.  Amanda picked it up for me and when it arrived it looked as if it might have melted on the drive home.  There were actually two, the one below, and a little scottish terrier that slid around in the box on the drive and had his side smashed in.  I stuck them both in the fridge and contemplated getting another cake but decided we would just go with it.  When I went to get the cakes from the fridge in the garage, someone (cough, cough, Jacob) had been into them.  The scotty only had one eye left, his nose, ears, and second eye were long gone and the bone had a bite missing from it.  It also looked like a little finger had swiped some icing.  I just had to laugh.  I don't blame him though.  Once we started eating the cake, we could not stop.  It was SO good.  We finished it off that night!

 In lieu of gifts, we offered everyone the chance to participate in a book exchange if they would like.  Everyone brought the neatest books.  Anna ended up with a book she loves so much that she's sleeping with it.  Lauren got "War Horse" and I'm thinking about putting it on my night stand...just to read to her, of course. :)

 The gumball thief caught red-handed or should I say "puffy-cheeked".

The boys and Lauren, well since it's Lauren I guess I could just call it "the boys"!  They asked if they could pose with their "weapons".  Yes, it's true, sigh, my little girl has an arsenal big enough to keep 6 little boys entertained.

The girls and Jacob.  I want to point out in this picture that everyone was having a good time.  If you take a look at the very first picture at the top of the post, Caroline (front row with the yellow balloon dog) doesn't look very happy.  It's because two seconds before the group picture was taken, her balloon dog came undone.  Everyone really liked the balloon dogs and I feel like I made or repaired 8 billion and two.  Caroline told her mom and dad after the party that she wanted to hire me to make balloon dogs at her next birthday party.  Hahaha!  Maybe I'm missing my calling!

 Almost forgot this one, I made an "A to Z of Dogs" pillow.  I think I might print the jpeg out and frame it.  Who knew there were so many different types of dogs?  This was just a teeny fraction, I had no idea.

After the party, my mom called to ask how things went.  She also asked what I was planning for Anna's party in May and I told her.  Her response was, "Well, I think you better start now."  I think she's right!

Happy Birthday to our sweet little loves!


Emily said...

What a fun party!! Love the photos, the blueberry dog, the photo backgrounds, the bench, and glimpse of your home.

Nana and Poppy said...

OMG Sandy you have done an amazing job on this birthday party. You have worked your butt off and believe me it shows off. Your back drops, the dogs, the bench, pillows, the invitations all was just precious. These are special memories that all 3 kids can look back and know what a wonderful Mother they have and that she love them more than life it-self. I am very proud of you. Love Mom and Dale

María Corcuera said...
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María Corcuera said...

I love everything Sandy. You are always so elegant on your ideas and turning them real. Congratulations, and do start with Lauren so you do not have to stress then. Kisses.

Elaine said...

WOW!! Daddy and I are both so impressed with all the work you and Doug put into this "Puppy Party". You are so creative and smart. I understand why you would wake up in the middle of the night with ideas. This was monumental planning. Great Job..

Love, Daddy and Elaine

Trish said...

I love all the colors!! Wow- so many cool ideas and interesting details throughout the party. Looks like everyone had a great time. Happy birthday Lauren and Jacob!

Meadow Brianna said...

What an incredible party! I love how it's classy for the adults and so so fun for the kiddos!! Very impressive. Thanks for sharing! Can't wait to see what May brings!

Old Granny said...

LOVE,LOVE,LOVE!! especially the dachshunds! :)

leah vahrenkamp said...

LOVED all the decorations! where did you get those wonderful bookends?!?!

Anonymous said...

Hi, Could you tell me where you purchased the pattern for the dog cut outs? If you made them would you be willing to sell them?


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