Happy Blue Birthday!

Our sweet Jakie turned 4 on the 26th.  All he wanted was a blue party (i.e. blue cake, blue balloons, blue presents).  We normally have a party together for Lauren and Jacob but we decided to give them a chance to do their own thing this year.  Jacob has been so excited about his birthday.  Every time we asked him how old he was going to be, he would hold his hand over the top of his head and say, "I'm this big."  We tried to explain multiple times but in the end he was determined that he was not 4 but "dis big", so we let it go. :)  The day of the party arrived and the blue decorations were in place.

The blue presents were wrapped and waiting.

We had put Jacob down for a nap and he wasn't quite ready to get up at party time.  He stumbled out of bed, let me dress him, and then promptly collapsed on the floor.  I moved him onto the couch and Doug gave him a little milk.  I thought it was cute how he was just hanging out, getting himself ready.

A few minutes later and he was ready "to rock!"

One of the main components of this blue party was a blue cake.  I tried to call the lady we've been using to make our cakes for the past 8 years but she apparently went out of business this summer after we bought Anna's birthday cake.  Ack!  I am not a cake maker but since his birthday was the day after Christmas, I decided to give it a shot.  He and I looked at some google images and he saw the blue ombre cake and said, "That one!!"  Thankfully, there was a video tutorial (you can see it here at "The Hungry Housewife"). After making this cake,  I can honestly say that it is worth $40-$50 to a cake artist for all that they do.  I spent hours on Jake's cake.  I was proud of it, especially since it was the first time I ever attempted anything like this.  I thought it had a nice flavor but Doug commented that it was dry, hard, and not that good.  I think he was right that it was dry and hard.  Lauren kept stabbing it with her fork and Anna needed help cutting hers. Ha!  Jacob and I liked it though.  He had two pieces yesterday and another this morning.

This next moment was so funny.  As Doug was lighting the candles on the cake Jake looked at him and said, "Do you know it's my birthday?"  Doug said, "Why yes, I do know that."  So cute.

The "Happy Birthday" song sent him into a trance.

 He knew what to do at the end of the song though! Blowing, blowing...

 ...and out!

 A rather cute but suspicious looking crowd...

 Jakie and Amanda

 Lauren's remote control air shark (one of THE coolest Christmas gifts ever) did a fly-by.  He was blue after all and in keeping with the mood of the festivities.

 Present time.

Happy Birthday to our dear, sweet buddy!  We love him so much!


Emily said...

Happy birthday Jacob! Love the theme and that cake is amazing!!!!!!!!!

Leslie said...

YOur cake turned out beautifully!!! Happy birthday to your little one.

Leslie said...

And also, thank you for the link to my site!

Nana and Poppy said...

It is hard to believe that Jake is 4 years old. Our little guy is a little ham he is so cute Poppy and Nana loves you Jacob.

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