Snow White, the Evil Queen, and Grumpy

So proud of our two girls in "Snow White Meets the Dwarves" last night. Lauren had the best "grumpy" face ever and Anna was a wonderful evil queen, witch, and Doc.  I was so happy that Anna came around.  She really wanted to play Snow White and was a bit upset about being cast as the queen.  We watched a trailer for the new Charlize Theron movie "Snow White and the Huntsman".  I thought it looked really cool but Anna was in tears at the end.  I asked her why she was so upset and she said it was because the Queen was evil and that went against everything she was trying to be.  Sigh.  My sweet girl.

Lauren really got into the play and had a great time.  Her Grumpy face was outstanding and she did a fantastic job.  I didn't think that this would be her thing but she was really good!  This was a quick mini-musical and the kids only had 8 hours of rehearsal time!  The parents were responsible for the costumes and I made the girls' Doc and Grumpy shirts, their belts, their beards, and Anna's cape, dress, and collar.

Disney 2012

Apparently someone forgot to tell Jacob this is supposed to be the happiest place on Earth. He stomped on Mickey's foot, grabbed a passerby's breast, poked a grandfather in the rear, kicked the folks in line in front of him and hit a girl on the leg, among other assaults. Still, fun was had by all, although I now appear 50 instead of 40.



Seriously swooning over this little red head with his big blue eyes...

I want to have him for breakfast.  Sigh.  Have you ever seen anything quite this cute?


Come. Sit. Stay.

You've heard the expression "better late than never", well it's become my new motto.  We finally had Jacob and Lauren's puppy birthday party this past Saturday.  I didn't think we would ever pull it off.  We've been working on putting it together bit by bit since Jake's birthday in December.    


Our dear friend Gretchen was kind enough to let us borrow her boy "Kodiak" to be our model for invitations and wall decor.  It's amazing what intensity a treat held over your head can generate!  Front of invitation:

Back of invitation:

 We painted up a little doggy art to hang on the front door with polka-dot bows

 I thought it would be cute to have cut-outs for the kids, 7 for Lauren and 3 for Jake. I was in a rush to get invitations ordered and thought I would be using a photo of them with the cut-outs.  We arrived to take this picture approximately 9 minutes before they closed.  You've never seen a mom drag children and wooden dogs out of a suburban faster.  It was chaos but we got at least one shot...although I did have to cut and paste a head in photoshop.  :)

 I always think gumballs seem festive and always forget that my children treat them like crack.  They are addicted and can't get enough.  Jacob seems to think he should be able to fit at least 4 in his mouth at any given time.

 The wall in the living room with handsome Kodiak...

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