One of the many reasons I love my father...

I'm really into genealogy and family history.  My dad enjoys reading what I've found and looking at the pictures.  I love the idea of meeting family and asking them questions.  I'm also gung-ho for family reunions.  Those last two ideas, not so much for my dad.   I was recently informed that a family reunion is planned for this May.  Unfortunately, I'm in California and the reunions are in Alabama. I thought it couldn't hurt to ask my dad if he wanted to go for me, even though I know it is definitely not his thing.  This was the e-mail exchange:

Me:  Daddy, How much would I need to pay you to go to this reunion for me? There probably wouldn't be enough Bass Pro Shop gift certificates in the world to even get you to consider this. Love, Me

His Response:  Hi Baby, You are not going to believe this but I have been waiting with eager anticipation for a reunion date, but sadly I have an appointment that weekend to be poked in the eye with a sharp stick and will be unable to attend.   Love, Dad

He cracks me up.


Our guitar hero

Lauren has been taking a "Guitar Hero" music class at school. She's been enjoying it so much that Doug went out and bought a new kids' guitar for the little ones to all enjoy.  He's been giving both Anna and Lauren some instruction whenever we have a free moment.  Lauren's class recently held a concert for all of the parents.  When I arrived, Lauren was outside with two of her friends and she told me she was in charge of their practice.  I got such a kick out of her telling them to go with the rhythm and remember to strum!  When the actual performance started, she did such a great job and I was so proud of her!


Our baby isn't a baby anymore...

For Christmas, Santa brought Jacob a brand new bike.  He can ride it...really well...really fast...which means he's growing up....really fast...too fast...which means my heart is breaking.  By the way, yes, that is a Disney Princess helmet he is wearing.  Doug bought a brand new spider-man helmet with honky horn to go with his bike but Jacob, like his big sister Anna, has one big head.  The 3+ helmet wouldn't even begin to go down over his noggin so he has been forced to wear a hand-me-down Disney Princess helmet (in pink) until Mommy or Daddy can get back to the store.  Yesterday he went to "school" at the drop-in daycare while I ran some errands.  He put together a backpack just like the sisters and was waiting by the door ready to go.  When I dropped him off, I gave him a big hug and kiss and began to leave.  I looked back and he was standing there looking like such a big boy.  I called out, "Have a good day at school, Buddy, I love you!"  He nodded, smiled, waved, and said, "Bye, Mommy, wuv you."  I cried all the way to the store.

Trust in me, just in me...

Okay, last play until summer and thank goodness, because we're all exhausted!  This month Anna will be playing Kaa and one of King Louie's monkeys in "The Jungle Book" at Tower Theatre.  Here are a few sneak peeks from last night's rehearsal.

Anna as "Kaa"

 Kaa and Baloo

 Anna as a monkey
 Anna and Mowgli

 Close-up of her makeup

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