Last week I celebrated my 41st birthday. I had a wonderful day and my favorite part had to have been all of the sweet homemade presents from my babies, and the roses and cake from my husband. He cracked me up when he and the kids came walking out with the cake and the #29 on top. In addition to the gifts you see in the video, I also received my a picture of me made out of glitter and glue, a song written just for me and performed by Anna, as well as a multitude of kisses and "I love you(s)" from Jacob.  
Anna and Lauren used their iPods to help me record this video. 


There's just something about a cobbler...

We picked blackberries yesterday at Amber Oaks Farm in Auburn.  It's been three years since we were last there!  All of the kids have changed quite a bit since our last visit and Jake was a lot more mobile this time around.  Click on the link above to see the difference.

Tri, Girls, Tri!

Anna and Lauren competed in their very first Triathlon last Sunday, the California Kids' Triathlon in Davis.  It was perfect for them as it was stressed that this wasn't as much a competition as it was a chance to get out, get involved, be active, and have fun.  The girls were offered the option to compete individually or with a parent.  Anna chose to participate on her own while Lauren wanted  Doug to go along with her.

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