The light in the dark and the dark in the light...

Happy Halloween!

On Saturday, we hosted a "Literary Halloween Ghoula" based on the writings of Poe, Stoker, Shelley,  Irving, Wilde, Wells, and others. 

All of the decorations were black and white like the text of a book.

A few weeks prior to the party, Anna and I went on an "adventure" behind the house.  There's a small stream that we crossed to get to these spooky branches.  As we were pushing them back across the stream, I thought I was going to have to send Anna to find Doug to rescue me.  She crossed with no problem but I started sinking and with each step got deeper and deeper with only reeds to grab onto.  At one point I was in at mid-thigh.  It was a little scary but it was worth it as we loved the front door decorations.


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By the pricking of my thumbs...

Something wicked this way comes. Getting our little ghouls ready for Halloween...


Down in the Delta

Doug has been trying to learn more about fishing in the local area and spent some time in the last week looking at the delta region near Sacramento. This past Sunday he had a few areas he wanted to check out in person and the kids and I went along. It was so much fun. There were draw bridges and ferries, and levees, and orchards, and old plantation homes, and piles and piles of driftwood.

Pumpkins with the Pumpkins

Bishop's Pumpkin Farm in Wheatland opened up at the end of September and we spent a few hours there on opening day!
Normally, by the time we first visit the animals are a bit skittish and perhaps feeling over-exposed but on this particular Saturday they were all fresh and ready to play.

Neither hair nor there...

Anna has always loved long hair.  She has often told me she just wouldn't feel like Anna without her long hair.  That's why I was so surprised when we went to see our hair stylist a few weeks ago and Anna told her she wanted her hair cut right below her ears.  Our stylist Beth, and I were both shocked and told her maybe shoulder length would be a better place to start just in case she wasn't happy with it.  Then we realized she would be very close to having enough to donate.  Ms. Beth measured and cut, and Anna donated 8 inches to Pantene's Beautiful Lengths program, which makes wigs for cancer patients.  I was so proud of her.

It really upset Lauren that Anna was having her hair cut.  She sat over beside me and cried the whole time.  Then she decided that maybe she would do it too.  In the end, she just had 4 inches removed but remained upset about Anna.  Anna is happy with her decision until it is time to play "Mermaids" and then she misses the length.  She's said she's going to start letting it grow out again.  I think she's beautiful either way.


For the second day of Wes and Amy's visit, we drove out to Lake Tahoe.  What a beautiful view!

We had never made it down the trail to the water and so this time we gave it a shot.

Gold Rush Days

I love my brother and his wife. They are the sweetest, funniest, kindest people you could ever hope to meet. Unfortunately, it's been three years since we last saw them. Boo. Hiss. Meet Wes and Amy!

Wes and Amy flew into Sacramento on the 1st of September and we met them at Tower Cafe for lunch. We were parking as they pulled in. The timing couldn't have been better. We were very excited to see them.

After lunch we headed over to Gold Rush Days in Old Sac.  Even though we've lived here for several years now, we had never made it for one of the Gold Rush weekends.  It was fun to see all of the tents and characters!

Ever wondered how to make lace?  Here's your answer!

The local Marshall kept an eye on things.

San Diego, Day 3

I was really anxious to visit La Jolla on this trip as I had kept reading about the beauty of the area.

It was fun to see all of the cormorants and seals on the rocks.


San Diego, Day 2

Day 2 started at Sea World.  We arrived around 1045 and made our way to the Shamu show.  It was so hot!

The kids were sweating like crazy and we were wishing we would have ended up in the splash zone.

It was so hot, in fact, that Jacob literally started to just shut down.  It was crazy and a little scary.  As soon as the show was done, we headed for the shade and some shaved ice.  I'm not quite sure what Jacob was doing...

...but he did it a lot.

He even said, "Mommy, take a picture of me doing dis".  So I did.

San Diego, Day 1

We had such a fabulous time in San Luis Obispo that we decided to take another small trip down south. We thought it would be fun for the kids to visit San Diego again and we were hoping to escape the heat. Well, we did have fun but the temperatures we experienced were quite different than what was forecast on the weather channel. We were expecting temps in the mid-70's during the day and mid-50's at night but instead it was just HOT! We spent the first day of our trip visiting the USS Midway Museum.


I snapped these shots of the girls the other evening when we were out flying kites. They're technically not the greatest pictures but I still thought they were nice.

First Day of School

This summer flew by! Anna told me she might be a little crazy because she was actually looking forward to going back to school and doing homework.  Lauren piped up and told her she was crazy for sure!
Our second grader...
Our fourth grader...

Oh dear, her ears.

Anna has been begging, and pleading, and asking, and cajoling to please, please, please have her ears pierced. Doug and I both thought approximately 30 would be a good age for that to occur but Anna had other plans. We finally agreed to it and so after school on the 31st of August, we drove to the mall and did it.

Afterwards, the kids took a spin on the carousel and then we had Sonic per Anna's request.  We're now four weeks into the two-times daily ear piercing cleanings and everything's going well.  We've only had one "I wish I'd never had this done moment" when Anna saw a tiny bit of blood on a q-tip from the cleaning. Tears were involved.   Blood and Anna do not mix.  Haha!

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