Conversations with the Peanut Gallery

Last month I completed our 2012 family album and uploaded it to Blurb for printing.  One of the things I realized while working on the album was that as much as I absolutely love them, for 2012, I only had one "Conversations with the Peanut Gallery" on the blog.  It's not like the kids have stopped saying funny things, it is just that I haven't been doing a good job of recording them when they do.  I'm trying to make more of an effort this year to get it on paper, so here's the first batch for 2013.

At four years old, Jake is right in the heart of the "Kids say the darndest things" stage.  He varies wildly from adorable to stinker, for example:

Adorable:  Mommy, I super love you!
Stinker:  Mommy, you've got a fat butt.

Adorable:  Anna, I'll play American Girl dolls with you.
Stinker:  My heart is getting fired up and it's going to punch you in the face.

Adorable:  I want Anna to play Wii.  If I put this monkey costume on, she thinks I'm so cute, she'll say "Yes"!!
Stinker:  NO kisses, only hugses.

Adorable:  Big boys are nice.  They do sweet things and play with toys.  Babies are bad.  When I was a little kid, I was bad but now that I'm a big boy, I'm good. 
Stinker: What!  Are you crazy?

Adorable:  Only I'm a real "inja" turtle.
Stinker:  (While wearing the aforementioned monkey suit while lying on the kitchen floor on his stomach with his head supported on his hands after sneakily eating almost half a bag of chocolate chips...)  I eat too much chocolate, I dying.  When I asked him if he wanted a little milk, he responded, "NO!  I want a big giant milk!

One of the things Jake has been talking about quite a bit recently has been his "Jakie family in outer space".  He says that it is a family that looks just like us but lives in space.  Whenever he gets mad at us, he says he's leaving to live with his "Jakie family".  I just assumed he had seen a cartoon with a family in space but Doug wondered if perhaps he still remembers being with God and expresses that memory by talking about his family in outer space.  Definitely makes you think!

Jake has also been waking up most mornings between 3:30 and 4:30.  He runs into our bathroom and when he's finished, hops into bed with us until it is time to get up.  He's usually totally awake and ready to go but he tries to be quiet for us as long as he can.  The other morning he was in bed with us and the house was still and quiet.  Out of nowhere, Jake starts to sing, "Shine bright like a diamond, shine bright like a diamond".  A few days later he did it again but instead of Rihanna, he was singing, "Hey, pretty lady!  Whoop, whoop, whoop, whoop, whoop, whoop 'em gangnam style".

Speaking of early mornings, this was my conversation with Lauren today around 5 am.  
Me:  Good Morning, Lauren.  How are you?
Lauren:  I'm tired.
Me:  Why?
Lauren:  I only got 16 hours of sleep.

Lauren was watching an infomercial and I heard her tell Anna, "That promotional is poorly made."

It looks like we'll be moving this summer after the kids get out of school.  When I mentioned to Anna we might need to have her birthday party early as the house will be empty by the end of May and we'll be staying in a hotel, she got so upset.  She put her head down and began to cry.  I asked her why she was so upset and she lifted her head and looked at me with red eyes and big crocodile tears pouring down her face and said, "I'll have to spend my big "one-oh" in a hotel."  I tried to comfort  her and tell her that we could still have cake and ice cream and presents on her birthday and we could even have a party somewhere else on her actual birthday if that's what she wanted, but she was inconsolable and kept saying, "It's just such a big birthday, my "one-oh".  Double digits, Mommy.  Double digits." 


pommes papillons said...

It's a delight to read you! I wish I had 16 hours of sleep too ;D How hilarious kids can be sometimes!

Nana and Poppy said...

I wish I had 16 hours, love Jake outfits.

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