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When I'm 100 Years Old...

I will be old and wrinkly.
I will have a puppy and a lizard.
I will hunt but I will not golf.
I won't be able to run in circles.

In celebration of 100 days of school, Lauren's class was asked to dress as if they were 100 years old.  This is what we came up with.

Maybe she will follow in her great, great, great grandfather's footsteps and live to be 100, almost 101.  Can you imagine how different the world would be in that time?


100th day of school

Goodness, that 100th day of school seems to get here fast, doesn't it??  Next thing you know, we'll be at spring break and then it's summer.  So far, both girls are having a really good school year.  I'm very thankful for that.  For Lauren's 100th day project, we decided to make a few pinwheels.  They're so easy and fun.  Originally, I wanted to adhere them to the board in a manner that would still allow them to turn.  In the end, it was much easier just to cut them, fold them, and glue them on.  We didn't even glue the folded edges down in the center but I think it turned out really cute anyway. 
Lauren seems extra jolly in this picture, doesn't she?  Wanna know why?

Jacob was in the background trying to pull my pants down!  Let me explain.  My kids are up by no later than 0530 each morning.  We started the pinwheel board around 0600 Sunday morning.  I was still in my pjs when it came time to take the picture.  Lauren started out with a sullen face.  Jake came over and grabbed the leg of my pants and was saying, "Milk, Mommy."  He tugged a bit too hard, my pants went south, Lauren began to laugh and it was all over from that point.  He thought it was hilarious and kept following me around tugging.  Thus, the giggles from Lauren and the blurry picture from Mommy.  Hehehe.
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